Soul School

Soul fluency is an ancient language.

Just listen to Socrates at his trial: “I do nothing but go about persuading you all, both young and old, not to take account chiefly of your bodies or your property, but first of all to care for the improvement of your soul, how that can be at its best.” Nothing but. Go about. First of all. Care. Improvement. At its best.

The soul is akin to the physical body in the sense that it suffers from neglect, whether it be through inattention, lack of exercise, misinformation, whatever. In our everyday language the soul is commonly thought of as a body, as when we speak of “the contours of the soul.”

Like construction workers taking a lunch break, we have always felt sympathy for the currency of healthy souls—souls built like a brick shit-house, you might say.  Such souls, souls the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., are so outstanding as to transcend easy categorization in words at all, but we still like to look at them and admire them and memorialize them in very much the same way we regard beautiful or valuable physical objects—from the outside, like a body. We know it when we see it, and can agree collectively up to a point, even on a global level. Soulful action at its best speaks volumes.

We could not understand or experience kinship with such soul-bodies-in-action without each of us inhabiting a soul of our own. What does this soul-kinship feel like to you?  Are you feeling your soul attending to its kin?

How can such an experience be possible?  How can anyone possibly feel their own soul attending its kin? It seems illogical, and yet it happens, does it not? Ask yourself, am I looking from outside my soul now or from inside?  Both?  Who’s looking? Feels pretty intimate, n’est-ce pas? Call it soul currency. Sort of like feeling intimate and lonely at the same time and loving the whole experience.

Can we regard Socrates as a “soul doctor?” He speaks like one. Who took care of his soul? Where did he go to school?  Do you know how it feels when your soul is cared for?

What does soul school look like in 2016? Where is it located? A good guess would be deep within, but not too far away.  Is it legitimate? Do you know how it feels when your soul is cared for? Of course you do. Just listen to Soc. Nothing but. Going about. First of all. Caring. Improvement. Being at its best. I call that legitimate.

2 Responses to Soul School

  1. Very moving! 🙂 Quite appropriate for my life right now. You always did speak well, even when you were looking for the “right words”, your soul always said the right things. So glad I found these pages of yours! Brought a huge smile to my face when I came across it. Good luck in your endeavor (I think!) of helping people touch their souls and keep them healthy, as you do the same. I’ll be peeking in from time to time! =D


  2. Willow says:

    Thanks doctor Jon! I’m taking this with me as classes begin again…


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