Lull Bull

Is this a lull in my life? Why is it that lulls are so suspect?

Why isn’t lullology an occupation? You’re pre-law, I’m pre-lull.

Is it that lulls don’t last? But life doesn’t last either, physical life that is. Maybe lulls do last and we just forget they’re there. Or maybe they get shouted down by mayhem or envy or conundrums or conniptions or chapters or sagas or howls.

We have peace activists. Why not lull activists?

I’m a lull bull. I’m pro-lull, I’m bullish on lulls. I’m sending a buy signal. There’s a lulu of a bull market out there for lulls. I see a lull gusher.

I know what you’re thinking. Lulls are the next bubble. You don’t want to burst my lull.

Don’t worry. I’m just a simple man from the land of lulls. I love simple words. They’re quieter. I take a dim view of “lullasticism” and “prefrontal lullotomy.” Even “unilull” puts me on edge. It sounds too complicated.

All you need is lull.

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