Reading in a Snowstorm

Scraping off our cars
she tells me a dream about love
with a long gestation period.

No sooner are the windows clear
than they ice up again.

As my hood fringe whitens
I launch into “Ramparts”
in James Wright’s gravelly voice,
forgetting the best lines
but not too late to remember them
and tack them on
and feel my chagrin melting
under winter’s swift white wings.

We get a handle on the elements
and go on our way defrosted,
each peering ahead through the radiance
of hearts on fire
under blankets
of snow too deep for words.

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1 Response to Reading in a Snowstorm

  1. silent lotus says:

    dear Jon

    this is one of my favorites from your pen

    it is always a pleasure to see what is swirling in your inkwell.

    a warm smile
    silent lotus


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