Silence in Your Stead

Just let me be a poet, mom.
I’ll write a few about Lake Squam.
You’ll be proud one day I hope.
Sorry. I am such a dope.

I’ve toughened up my Buddha abs
to fend your not-so-subtle jabs.
The way you died just broke my heart.
You put the hearse before the cart.

I was born to a broken heart.
My brother dead, you fell apart.
He would have suffered all his life
so you were glad you said one night.

Aren’t you glad I cleared this up
in time to drain this bitter cup?
So I no longer live in fear
that suddenly I’ll disappear.

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1 Response to Silence in Your Stead

  1. Jon,
    I love this poem. The first stanza an ode to our generation (which, as Allen Ginsberg said, the best minds of which were driven mad) followed by liberating self-disclosure “So I no longer live in fear that suddenly I’ll disappear.”

    I found out about you through a Vietnam veteran patient who was a patient of yours when you had a practice in RI.


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