City on the Hill

Jesus is my garbageman.
He stops by every week.
Otherwise, my neighbors say,
I really start to reek.

I love him doing wheelies
to let you know he’s there.
He lays a little rubber too.
Together we’re a pair.

Because he works for Providence
he’ll never lose his job.
But Easter’s coming any day.
You can’t predict a mob.

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2 Responses to City on the Hill

  1. marcwkohler says:

    Wow, this is hopping!! I did a paper on St. John of the Cross and T.S. Eliot’ poem The Four Quartets. Somehow, I thnk St. John owul shave gotten a kick out of this!!


  2. marcwkohler says:

    Oh, the connection is that Eliot used the idea that Christmas and Easter happen every day of the year!!


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