Spring Prayer of Fellowship

Thank you for the gifts of life with you.
May I appreciate in full the beauty of our path together.

Thank you for your crimson understanding.
May I accept myself as well as you do.

Thank you for the violets of your patience.
May I still grow, no matter what is left of me.

Thank you for my weedy imperfections.
May I come to love as well as you do.

Thank you for your joyous reaching hand.
May I stand guard against deception of myself


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1 Response to Spring Prayer of Fellowship

  1. Thank you Jon for this ode of gratitude. I am savoring the drops of soul nectar, nourishing the garden of appreciation. I came to your poetry site instinctively this early morning, seeking companionship in a moment of deep appreciation and, here you are showing up so vividly and vitally! Thank you!


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